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Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain 
(February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994) 

Was the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana. Cobain formed Nirvana with Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington in 1985 and established it as part of the Seattle music scene,

Cobain was a fan of classic rock bands from the 1970s, including Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Queen, and Kiss.

FACT YOU want to know

Was a left-handed guitarist and a right-handed drummer.

Said he eventually wanted to experiment with filmmaking. He even wrote a script for a horror movie.

Played a trick on the MTV brass when he began Nirvana's appearance at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards by singing "Waif me", a take-off on the song "Rape Me". He then quickly switched to playing "Lithium", the song the band had agreed to play in the show as a compromise with MTV executives. Cobain had wanted to sing the then-new song "Rape Me", while MTV's bigwigs wanted the band to lead off the show with their signature song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The two sides settled on a mid-show rendition of "Lithium"

His songs have been covered by bands ranging from Evanescence to hard rock supergroup Velvet Revolver to female Japanese duo Cibo Matto.

According to his widow, Courtney Love, Cobain left behind 109 unreleased, recorded songs when he died in 1994. Some are just song fragments, some music "collages", and about eight are acoustic numbers that Love deems good enough for release. One song, "Stinking of You", which he wrote with Love, includes the line "Stinking of you...I don't care if my life is shattered, it's my point of view..."

The song "About a Girl" was about his one-time girlfriend Tracy Marander.

John Lennon`s song "In my Life" was played at his funeral.

At one time sang in the choir at a Baptist church

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